Die Cut Lids

We produce aluminum foil caps that are highly needed by the dairy, food, and beverage sectors

K Cup Foil Lids

K-Cup Foil Lids

We produce K-Cups for single-portion coffee and tea glasses. Thus, we ensure that your products are closed with a high level of protection feature. We determine the aluminum thicknesses, reliefs and different …

Aluminum Bottle Lids

Aluminum Bottle Lids

It ensures that a canned or hot food you put in an aluminum jar lid remains fresh and healthy. You can easily understand how fresh the food is from the moment you open the aluminum jar lid of your product.

Cheese Aluminum Foil Lid

Cheese Aluminum Foil Lid

We produce aluminum foil packaging for cheese, which is the most consumed dairy product worldwide. Thus, we help your cheeses to be preserved and kept fresh. The cheese packages we offer for sale vary …

Die Cut Paper Lids

Die Cut Paper Lids

We manufacture die-cut paper lids for snacks, ice cream, noodles and yoghurt-like containers. The covers we produce are made of paper laminated aluminum and plastic film. Thus, you can easily protect your ...

Die Cut Fruit Juice Aluminum Lids

Die Cut Fruit Juice Aluminum Lids

The juice aluminum lid foil allows the plastic cups or liter juice bottles containing your juice to be closed. In this context, as a company, we produce non-toxic, odorless and moisture-proof fruit…

Die Cut Ayran Aluminum Lids2

Die Cut Ayran Aluminum Lids

Buttermilk aluminum lids allow your plastic buttermilk glasses or liter buttermilk bottles to be closed. In this context, as a company, we produce reliable and robust buttermilk aluminum lids…

Die Cut Aluminum Yogurt Lids2

Die Cut Aluminum Yogurt Lids

The best protection for your products is provided by aluminum foil lids. Wholesale aluminum foil lids help your yogurt stay fresh for a very long time. These die cut aluminum yogurt lids also offer a strong...

Die Cut Aluminum Water Cup Lids water2

Die Cut Aluminum Water Cup Lids

Water aluminum cover foils play the role of protecting plastic cups in which you put water. In this context, as a company, we produce water aluminum cover foil. We care about both you and water, which is indispensable…

Die Cut Aluminium Foil Lids2

Die Cut Aluminium Foil Lids

We produce aluminum foil caps that are highly needed by the dairy, food, and beverage sectors. Aluminum foil caps play a protective role in your products. Mostly there are covers glued with heat.

Aluminum foil lids provide maximum protection for your products. We produce foil lids, which are of great use to the dairy, food, and beverage industries. You can use the foil lids to protect many products such as yogurt, milk, ice cream, butter, dry food, dessert, and coffee. We briefly want to talk about our products in the category of aluminum foil lids. Our first product, the aluminum water glass foil lid, assumes the role of protecting the plastic glasses that you carry water. Thus, thanks to the aluminum foil water glass lid, you can preserve the pH level of water and protect it from foreign matters thanks to the barrier it provides to light, air, and other various liquids. The second product, aluminum yogurt foil lids, helps your yogurt keep its freshness for a long time. At the same time, these foil lids provide a high level of permeability barrier against moisture, steam, sunlight, and odor. The third product, aluminum ayran foil lids, allows you to seal your plastic ayran plastic or liter buttermilk bottles. You can protect your ayran with high reliability against puncture or tearing. The fourth product, aluminum juice foil lids, enables you to seal plastic cups or liter juice bottles with juice. Our products are approved by national and international instutions and allowed direct contact with drinks and food. Thanks to the fifth product, paper lids, you can easily store snacks, ice creams, and noodle-like products. With the sixth product, aluminum cheese lids, you can protect the cheese and keep them fresh. Besides, you can prevent the loss of taste and moisture in dairy products. With our seventh product, aluminum bottle caps, you can smoothly protect your products in soft drinks or similar sectors. Our products are produced with laminated materials and can be easily peeled off. Our latest product, K-cup aluminum foil lids, allows your single-portion coffee and tea not to be spilled. You can easily carry your coffee and tea with high protection.

You can quickly increase your product satisfaction thanks to aluminum foil lids and caps that you buy from our factory. You can ensure that your products are conveniently sealed. In addition to all this, you can order any pattern or design you want. So, you can add color and customization to your product. We are proud to ensure the safety of your products.