Die Cut Aluminum Yogurt Lids

Die Cut Aluminum Yogurt Lids2

Aluminum Yogurt Lids

The best protection for your products is provided by aluminum foil lids.  Wholesale aluminum foil lids help your yogurt stay fresh for a very long time. These die cut aluminum yogurt lids also offer a strong permeability barrier against odor, moisture, steam, sunlight, and heat. Additionally, it outperforms acidic products in terms of endurance.

Aluminum yogurt lids are crucial for keeping yogurt fresh for an extended period of time. Rotogravure printing on yogurt lids makes for a very clear view. For your business specifically, we produce yogurt lids that are suitable for the size and style you desire. It effectively addresses problems like puncture or tearing due to its robust structure. It is also widely favored for its simple opening feature. Additionally, it has a fantastic feature for processability in glue machines. In addition, there are options with and without embossing, in addition to various diameters and special options.

Our factory can help you quickly improve the quality of your products with aluminum yogurt lids and caps. You can guarantee that your goods will be easily sealed. We take great pride in making sure your products are safe.

Benefits and characteristics of die-cut aluminum yogurt lids:

  • Environmentally friendly materials that are recyclable.
  • Efficient heat sealing.
  • Ensures protection for your product and is tamper-proof.
  • Exceptional aluminum yogurt lids to protect your packaging and extend the “sell-by” or “use-by” dates.
  • Outstanding tightness and ease of peeling.
  • Ideal protection, excellent light and oxygen barrier.
  • Superb damp-proofing ability.
  • Die cut yogurt lids that are compliant with current European standards and suitable for the food, dairy, human, and pet food industries.
  • Wonderful and lovely artwork print.
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75 mm Yogurt Lids

Lids for yogurt cups measuring 75mm in diameter are ideal for a variety of users. Small business owners would value the affordability, portability, and convenience of the 75mm yogurt cup lid. There are many different sizes of 75mm yogurt cup lids, including solo red cups, portion cups, and plastic cups with lids and straws in various capacities. If they feel the need, users can also choose to purchase reusable plastic cups. Numerous reusable plastic cups with lids and other options are readily available.

80 mm Yogurt Lids

We are able to offer a prestigious range of wholesale aluminum foil lids thanks to our thorough understanding of the sector. We are a top supplier and manufacturer of aluminum foil lids for sealing yogurt cups. To meet the wide range of customer needs, the provided foil lid is available in a number of sizes and with customized options. The dia sizes are 75mm, 80mm, 95mm, and 118mm. This foil lid is frequently used for packaging dairy and pharmaceutical products.

95 mm Yogurt Lids

It is difficult for wholesalers of 95mm yogurt plastic cup foil lids to cover all the aluminum goods. However, our 95mm diameter yogurt plastic cup foil lid list offers a variety of options regardless of your area of product specialization. Aluminum foil in the windows can shield our cars from the sun’s glare and reduce the interior temperature on hot summer days. For their Christmas turkey, shoppers need grill aluminum foil, disposable baking trays, and oil-proof recycled aluminum foil to clean up their kitchen.

118 mm Yogurt Lids

Everyone agrees that one of the most frequently used metals on the planet is aluminum. In this area, aluminum foil is a significant subset. So feel free to browse our 118mm diameter yogurt plastic cup foil lid section if any of the products catch your attention.

What Are Yogurt Lids Made of?

Dairy product lids are typically made of die-cut aluminum and have a seal layer covering the aluminum. In order to secure the lid to the yogurt container and prevent leakage, the seal is heated. Not only are yoghurt lids produced here, but also about 2/3 of the dairy products that are packaged there, such as spread cheese, desserts, sour cream, and whipping cream. The base is rolled aluminum that is incredibly thin.

On extremely sensitive systems, the liquid plastic is then applied to the thinly rolled aluminum. In this case, we’re referring to extremely thin coatings that are even thinner than the typical human hair. Later, the customer-specified size of the lid is printed and punched from an aluminum roll. This plastic layer is then slightly heated in the dairy’s filling machinery so that the lid sticks to the yogurt cup. Die-cut aluminum yogurt lids can seal one or several cups at once and are suitable for continuous sealing machines.

Aluminium is used to make yogurt lids. Recycling is a viable option for aluminum. It’s simple to clean and collect yogurt lids. They are thus the ideal materials for recycling. Recycling aluminum conserves 92% of the energy required to produce the same amount of aluminum from scratch. That implies that the components of your die cut yogurt lids can be utilized and recycled repeatedly.