Die Cut Aluminum Water Cup Lids

Die Cut Aluminum Water Cup Lids water2

Water Aluminum Cover Foil

Water aluminum cover foils play the role of protecting plastic cups in which you put water. In this context, as a company, we produce water aluminum cover foil. We care about both you and water, which is indispensable for our lives. Thanks to the water aluminum cover foil we offer to production, you can protect the pH level of your water. You can protect your water from foreign objects thanks to the barrier it provides to light, air and various liquids. The products we put into production are approved for direct contact with your drink. It also gives the opportunity to adhere securely and strongly to rubber containers. If we take a look at the advantages it provides;

Die Cut Aluminum Water Cup Lids Water

It provides customer satisfaction with its easy opening option. It is produced for your needs with different diameter options. You have two options, with and without embossing.

It provides strong protection even to acidic products.