Cheese Aluminum Foil Lid

Cheese Aluminum Foil Lid

Cheese Packaging

We produce aluminum foil packaging for cheese, which is the most consumed dairy product worldwide. Thus, we help your cheeses to be preserved and kept fresh.

The cheese packages we offer for sale vary according to your needs. Cheese Packaging Aluminum Foil; It prevents loss of taste and moisture with its high barrier properties. Printing and lacquering can be done. It comes usually a triangular and square shape, it protects your cheese for a long time with its high barrier feature.

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Technical Specifications

Provides high protection against steam, moisture, sunlight and odor. The product has matte / glossy options.
The product can be opened easily.
The product has high corrosion protection.
The product has been processed under high quality conditions.
The product has heat seal-ability.
Aluminum foil 8011 O has a soft consistency. It is also 10-16 microns. Its width is from 50 mm to 300 mm.
Primer and sealing varnish without printing or protection.
It has NC lining. Gold color coating can be done if you want. It has a 70 degrees low melting point heat sealable lacquer.

Packaging is a Product

Package is a very valuable product with its having defined target group, being single-minded, result-oriented designed and produced, acting according to competitive priorities, sometimes creating new conditions of competition, regarding consumer confidence, continuing brand loyalty, adapting, endearing and developing itself and feeling the obligation of this, and protecting the mutual benefit principle between the producer and consumer.

Packaging PR treasures and understands the value of the product that you produced and works for providing the most profitable solution.