K-Cup Foil Lids

K Cup Foil Lids

K-cup & Coffee Capsule Foil Lids

We produce K-Cups for single-portion coffee and tea glasses. Thus, we ensure that your products are closed with a high level of protection feature. We determine the aluminum thicknesses, reliefs and different polish types of our K-cup product, which we offer for all kinds of cup packages, according to your needs. K-cup and coffee capsule foil lids offer a fresh and quality coffee experience without spoiling the taste and aroma thanks to the lid on the capsule.

For K-cup and coffee capsule foil lids, we use capsule coffee lid foil. Since these foil lids are disposable lids, they have a strong adhesion feature. In addition, we manufacture K-cup and coffee capsule foil lids, which are completely environmentally friendly, both durable and in optional sizes.

K Cup Foil Lids K Cup Sade

Technical Specifications

• Our products have rotogravure printing.
• Worm relief.
• It has a heat-proof polish and aluminum.
• Diameter: 51 mm, 51.5 mm.


• You can save up to 50% in accordance with the original without compromising the quality of the coffee.
• It is a product that allows you to achieve very high machine performance.
• It has high sealing power for different glass types.
• It has a wide range of reliefs and sizes.
• With its high barrier feature, it prevents loss of taste and moisture.
• Not only can be compatible with the keurig 2.0 brewer with purple and brown safety ring, but also with the Nespresso brewer.
• You can seal against PP, PBT and Aluminum coffee capsule.
• It is a product that gives confidence to its customers with its high print quality.
• If you want to design this product specific to your company, we can help you in size and design.