Eggs Aluminum Foil Cover

Eggs Aluminum Foil

While opening the surprise eggs, which are indispensable for children, you have peeled off the aluminum foil once. We produce our surprise egg aluminum foil products in an extremely high quality and hygienic environment. Thanks to the surprise egg aluminum foil we produce, the product does not lose taste and moisture with its high barrier feature. On the other hand, our product can be easily folded and shaped easily thanks to its special alloy. In terms of color and structure, you are free to choose what you want as matte or glossy. We offer this service, which we produce in different sizes on demand.

Surprise egg aluminum foil has printed, embossed and lacquered options. We carry your brand image to the shelves by designing surprise eggs aluminum foil in special sizes for your company. In addition to these, we also have special alloy aluminum foils for perfect shaping. You are at the right address if you want to have this product made from both economical and high-level materials!

Eggs Aluminum Foil Cover Eggs scaled